The first official trailer for Kim Dong Wook and Jin Ki Joo’s new fantasy drama ‘Run Into You’ has just dropped!

This new time travel drama tells a mysterious story that unfolds when Yoon Hae Joon (Kim Dong Wook), who travels back in time to find the truth about a series of murders, meets Baek Yoon Young (Jin Ki Joo), a time traveler prevent his parents from marrying. In the middle of their strange and beautiful journey through time, the two find themselves stuck in 1987.

The newly released clip properly teases the whole concept of time travel, showing the date in analog style starting from the present and briskly counting down to 1987. Yoon Hae Joon steps out of an orange car parked in an alley in the middle of the night, looking forward with intent and serious expression. As the clock continues to turn back, Baek Yoon Young approaches the vehicle with a knowing smirk on her face as she walks towards the car and the waiting man. When the timer reaches its final date, they are sitting in a car together and the audience is left with more questions than answers as the screen is plunged into darkness and the single word “Launch” flashes on the screen, giving not much of a clue.

Check out the demo here!

“Run Into You” is scheduled to air in January 2023.

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