The heartwarming and critically acclaimed film ‘Through My Midwinter’ is set to hit theaters soon, and audiences can look forward to another emotional and beautiful film to close out 2022.

“Through My Midwinter” tells the story of a young couple who are deeply in love despite the problems they face in their individual lives. Kwon Da Ham plays Kyung Hak, a poor young man studying day and night to pass the qualifying exam to become a police officer. Despite his busy schedule, he still works hard to show his love for his significant other. Hye Jin (Kwon So Hyun) is the recipient of this affection, always trying her best to reciprocate and be there for him, even when it comes to the difficult task of finding a job. This film thoughtfully approaches the realistic concerns and issues facing today’s youth, and sensitively handles these themes through the love story of Kyung Hak and Hye Jin.

At the 26th Busan International Film Festival last year, “Through My Midwinter” won three major awards: Actor of the Year (Kwon Da Ham), DGK Megabox Award and Watcha Award. The film also received praise for the actors’ seasoned and realistic performances, as well as the strong influence of director Oh Sang Ho.

Now, “Through My Midwinter” finally has an official release date and is set to open in theaters on November 30th.

The announcement came with the release of the film’s official poster, which features Kyung Hak and Hye Jin riding a motorcycle together on a busy road. However, they don’t seem as loving and enthusiastic as you might expect. Instead, their expressions show an almost heartbreaking determination as they both fight to stay in love despite everything life throws their way. The poster’s tagline reads, “I guess I was always in a hurry to get to you,” capturing the troubled hearts of the two main characters as they try to balance everything in their lives.

The film’s official trailer provides further insight into this warm yet heartbreaking story. The clip opens with melancholic music overlaying a very difficult discussion between Kyung Hak and Hye Jin. Determined not to give up on his dream of becoming a police officer, Kyung Hak decides to work as a delivery boy while continuing his studies. Concerned and saddened to see her love face so much hardship, Hye Jin tries to be the voice of reason.

Watch the emotionally gripping trailer here:

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