JTBC has revealed the first trailer for their upcoming drama!

The Agency” (working title) is an upcoming drama that depicts the battle between charmingly desperate advertisers through the story of Go Ah In (Lee Bo Young), the first ever female head of a VC Group, who aspires to the top position of the company.

Lee Bo Young plays Go Ah In, a creative director (CD) who leads the production team of 2 at leading advertising agency VC Planning. Jo Sung Ha takes on the role of Choi Chang Soo, the director of planning at VC Planning, who is also aiming for the CEO position and tries to control Go Ah In the way he wants.

Son Naeun represents VC Group’s third-generation chaebol Kang Han Na, who is a social media star and influencer. As Kang Han Na strives for independence and entry into the VC Group’s line of succession, he seizes the opportunity to take advantage of Go Ah In when she is newly appointed Social Media Director of VC Planning.

Han Joon Woo will play VC Group secretary Park Young Woo, who assists Kang Han Na as her private tutor, bodyguard, and loyal right-hand man. Jun Hye Jin will play Jo Eun Jung, a copywriter for Planning Team 2. As a working mother with a five-year-old son, she struggles to balance work and family.

The new teaser begins with Go Ah In’s confident aura as she kicks off her battle to the top. Go Ah In and everyone she surrounds herself with at work are competitive and professional advertisers who live in “ON mode” 24 hours a day. As the first ever female head of VC Group, Go Ah In confidently says, “People like me who have nothing to lose don’t think positively. We think financially.”

Go Ah In’s talent and competence are no secret as Choi Chang Soo notes, “Easy things don’t suit Go Ah In. She turns out to be right as she is tasked with the seemingly impossible, such as a PR ad for a company whose chairman has been imprisoned and a pitch battle to win an advertising contract with a budget of 30 billion won (approximately $23,052,800). Despite these missions, Go Ah In firmly comments, “I’ll have to let them know why they need me.”

Check out the trailer here!

The producers of the drama shared, “JTBC’s new Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Agency’ is a story about real-life fraudsters in advertising agencies who have a sixth sense for reading people’s ambitions and crafting consumer messages. They also have a desire for the highest position. With Go Ah In at center, this project deals with the process of these desires crashing and exploding like comets. Please look forward to this thrilling story of those who live a life of war to make it to the top.”

JTBC’s “Agency” premieres on January 7 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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