After producing director (PD) Kim Tae Ho briefly hinted at Lee Hyori’s upcoming variety show, ‘Canada Check-In’ has finally announced the premiere date along with the first teaser!

tvN’s “Canada Check-In” is a spin-off of “Seoul Check-In” by Lee Hyori and Production Director (PD) Kim Tae Ho. The program follows Lee Hyori, who is known to have volunteered with abandoned dogs for over a decade, as she visits Canada to meet the dogs she helped send overseas for adoption.

During her month-long vacation, Lee Hyori travels across Canada in a campervan to visit every dog ​​she’s come to love and care for.

In the first teaser video, Lee Hyori can’t hide her excitement as she wonders if the dogs will remember her. Even as she begins her journey upon arriving in Canada, she beams with joy as she remarks, “Why does my heart tremble as if I should meet my friend?” The trailer also features a glimpse of Lee Hyori crying tears of happiness after her long-awaited reunion with the dogs as she candidly says, “I think I’m going to become a fan of this program. I will watch it again until the day I die.”

In addition to meeting the dogs, Lee Hyori will go on a fun 12-day trip across Canada, enjoying the beautiful autumn scenery, visiting wineries, surfing, shopping, and camping in various cities where dogs are located.

PD Kim Tae Ho commented, “It was a rare opportunity for the production team to accompany Lee Hyori on her special journey,” adding, “The program will offer everything from Lee Hyori’s camping trip across Canada to various joys. presented by seeing a deep connection between man and animal and unpredictable scenes that will move the audience, so kindly anticipate it.”

“Canada Check-In” will premiere on December 17 and air every Saturday at 10:40 p.m. KST.

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