Upcoming SBS drama “Payback” has dropped its first teaser!

“Payback” tells a thrilling tale of revenge by those who risk everything to fight a money cartel that has colluded with the law. With its portrayal of those who refuse to remain silent and fight in their own way against incompetent and unjust authority, the drama will offer viewers both tension and catharsis.

The clip opens with Eun Yong (Lee Sun Gyun) being transported in a shabby suit while tied up. After that, the clip shows a glimpse of Eun Yong’s extraordinary past, where he bursts into a construction site with a band on his sleeve and fights wildly.

Former prosecutor, Army Major Park Joon Kyung (Moon Chae Won) also appears in the trailer. While briskly walking in the rain, Park Joon Kyung yells at someone, “You think you can save my mother? You don’t even know how I lost her!” forcing the audience to empathize with her grief. Eun Yong, wearing a prison uniform, makes a determined expression out of solitary confinement. The text that appears on the screen reads: “An exciting revenge battle against the unjust power begins!” increasing anticipation viewers for the drama.

The production team commented, “We wanted to capture the sheer scale of our drama in a compelling way, encompassing its own time and space, as well as a solid story. Please look forward to the remaining teaser videos that will be released one after the first trailer, as well as the premiere episode that will air on January 6th.”

Check out the full teaser below!

“Payback” will premiere on January 6 at 10:00 p.m. KST.

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