The upcoming movie “Cafe Midnight: Missing Honey” has released two teasers from its magical story!

“Cafe Midnight: Missing Honey” is a new fantasy romance film based on the popular drama series “Cafe Midnight”, which revolves around a mysterious cafe on a mountain road that does not appear on the map – and which transcends time and space. .

In the first of two newly released trailers for the film, Namgoong Yoon (played by Chae Seo Jin) runs around at night in his wedding dress, frantically searching for his missing groom. “As you go through life, you experience a lot of different things,” she says in the voiceover, “but who would have guessed that I would be lost in the woods in the middle of the night in a wedding dress?”

As the clock strikes midnight, Namgoong Yoon stumbles upon the mysterious Cafe Midnight, where she is greeted by her “master” (played by Shin Joo Hwan). When he comments, “I’ve never seen this cafe before,” he replies, “Here we open the doors at midnight and close at sunrise.”

Namgoong Yoon starts saying, “I’m looking for a missing person,” but soon runs into the person she’s been looking for: her fiancé Ahn Tae Young (played by Lee Yi Kyung). However, Ahn Tae Young doesn’t recognize her and stares at her blankly before asking, “Who are you?” Namgoong Yoon asks in disbelief, “You really don’t recognize me?” and he replies, “I think you mistook me for another customer.”

It is soon revealed that this version of Ahn Tae Young is only 25 years old – and unlike Namgoong Yoon who lives in 2022, she is from 2016. When she realizes that she is talking to her fiance from the past, Namgoong Yoon learns that “here [at Cafe Midnight] are people from many different eras.

Ahn Tae Young then catches her off guard by saying, “I’ll apologize instead. If what you say is true, then I disappeared on my wedding day six years from now. If I were you, I wouldn’t be able to forgive me either.”

The older woman assures Namgoong Yoon, “They say that people who are meant to meet will eventually meet no matter what,” and the seemingly devastated bride asks in confusion, “Why on earth did he disappear and where did he go?”

Meanwhile, the second trailer opens with Ahn Tae Young proposing to Namgoong Yoon. The engaged couple happily pose for a wedding photo shoot before Ahn Tae Young tells his fiancé, “We will never break up, no matter what.”

However, when their wedding day arrives, Ahn Tae Young is nowhere to be found and the guest mutters, “How come the groom hasn’t arrived at this hour yet?” Although Namgoong Yoon tries to call him, his phone is switched off and she ends up running down the street looking for her missing groom.

After Namgoong Yoon runs into the 2016 version of Ahn Tae Young at Cafe Midnight, the cafe owner shocks the bride by calling her by her name. “Do you know my name?” she asks him, and the barista replies, “Yes, because you’re an invited guest.” Namgoong Yoon then wonders out loud, “What is this place?”

When Namgoong Yoon tried to return to the cafe during the day, it mysteriously disappeared, and she insists to her colleagues, “There was definitely a cafe here yesterday.” She then confesses to the younger version of her fiancé: “I was really mean to you. Maybe you ran away after having to put up with my temper for so long.”

Plagued with doubt and regret, she continues to worry, “It was all my fault. I will spoil everything.” The trailer ends with Namgoong Yoon asking himself the same important question: “Why on earth did he disappear and where did he go?

“Cafe Midnight: Missing Honey” will premiere on November 17.

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