JTBC’s upcoming drama ‘The Interest of Love‘ has hinted at how Yoo Yeon Seok and Moon Ga Young’s relationship will go down!

“The Interest of Love” is a romantic drama about four individuals with different interests who meet at Yeongpo KCU Bank branch and understand the true meaning of love. Yoo Yeon Seok plays Ha Sang Soo, a man who wants nothing more than normalcy as he goes through each day with an unshakable attitude. But the stable hold on his emotions and thoughts begins to waver when he falls in love with his co-worker Ahn Soo Young (Moon Ga Young), who won’t give her heart to just anyone.

The newly released trailer begins by first outlining how Ha Sang Soo manages to score a date with the seemingly unattainable Ahn Soo Young. Unlike the others who are caught up in their preconception that the gorgeous and elegant Ahn Soo Young would already have a boyfriend, Ha Sang Soo took his chance and boldly texted Ahn Soo Young, “I would like to meet you this weekend. “

The two make viewers’ hearts flutter as they walk down the street together on a date, with shy furtive glances and a subtle tension in the air and a distance so close that their hands almost brush. When it’s time for them to part ways, Ahn Soo Young says, “I don’t like ambiguous relationships,” to which Ha Sang Soo replies, “I also like things that are certain and neater,” suggesting that their relationship is gradually developing . .

And then the trailer cuts to an abrupt halt as Ha Sang Soo overhears a rumor circulating inside the bank. The employees gossip that Ahn Soo Young personally created and gave Jung Jong Hyun (Jung Ga Ram), a security guard at KCU Bank, a lunch box and that they are now dating.

Realizing Ahn Soo Young’s sudden change in attitude towards him, Ha Sang Soo admits, “So young, but you know how I feel,” but Ahn Soo Young coldly dismisses him, “I don’t want to know.

Check out the full teaser here!

To learn more about what causes Ahn Soo Young’s sudden change of heart, watch the premiere of “The Interest of Love” on December 21 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

Watch another teaser here!

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