Upcoming drama “The Glory” has released a new exciting trailer!

“The Glory” will tell the story of a former victim of brutal school violence who vows revenge on her bullies after becoming a teacher at her bully’s elementary school. Song Hye Kyo, who previously worked with “The Glory” writer Kim Eun Sook on the hit drama “Descendants of the Sun,” will play the vengeful protagonist Moon Dong Eun, while Lee Do Hyun will play the complicated male lead. Joo Yeo Jung.

The newly released trailer opens with Dong Eun vowing revenge as her former tormentor Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) happily walks down the aisle in a white wedding dress. After plotting an elaborate revenge plan, Dong Eun begins to turn to the perpetrators of the horrific violence she suffered – Jae Joon (Park Sung Hoon), Sa Ra (Kim Hieora), Hye Jung (Cha Joo Young) and Myung Oh (Kim Gun). Woo) — one by one, along with husband Yeon Jin Do Young (Jung Sung Il).

After realizing that her reunion with Dong Eun is no accident, a merciless Yeon Jin yells at her, “You should have just died back then!” Meanwhile, Sa Ra is perfectly composed as she tells Dong Eun that she doesn’t need her forgiveness, explaining, “I’ve already regretted everything I’ve done to you, and I’ve been saved.” Hye Jung, on the other hand, pleads on her knees, insisting tom: “We all make mistakes growing up, don’t we?”

However, Dong Eun is not alone in her quest for revenge. Hyun Nam (Yeom Hye Ran) secretly approaches her and pleads, “I want to be on your side. Kill for me, please.” Dong Eun also finds another ally in Yeo Jung, who promises, “I will. I will be your executioner.”

The trailer ends with Dong Eun issuing an ominous warning: “You should pray to me… for you who will fall and for me who will be corrupted.”

check out the new trailer with English subtitles below!

“The Glory” will be released on Netflix on December 30. Watch Another Trailer Here!

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