Get ready for all the “Payback” action with SBS’s latest trailer for the upcoming drama!

“Payback” tells a thrilling tale of revenge by those who risk everything to fight a money cartel that has colluded with the law. The drama will offer viewers both excitement and catharsis through the portrayal of those who refuse to remain silent as they fight in their own way against incompetent and unjust authority. Lee Sun Gyun stars as reclusive money merchant Eun Yong and Moon Chae Won stars as Army Major Park Joon Kyung, an elite court official.

The new teaser, which highlights the connection between the characters and is full of exciting action scenes, opens with Eun Yong entering the prison dressed in a suit. Jang Tae Choon (Kang You Seok), a criminal prosecutor who is also Eun Yong’s nephew, asks his uncle, “So you’re both loan sharks, but different from President Myung?”

Eun Yong then enters a prison cell where Myung In Joo (Kim Hong Pa), the godfather of the Myeongdong private loan market, is already imprisoned. The Chairman smirks at Eun Yong as he walks past his cell and the tension rises as Eun Yong frowns.

Later, Eun Yong is confronted by mysterious figures in an elevator and a three-on-one fight ensues. Between shots of more fights breaking out between inmates in the prison, Eun Yong says, “Every high place is dangerous. But you have to get used to the danger in order to rise.”

The trailer ends with Eun Yong reaching out to Jang Tae Choon saying, “Now take my hand. I will make you the top prosecutor in all of Korea.”

A member of the production team of “Payback” commented, “In the third trailer, we tried to capture the agony, choice and conflict between the characters in a compelling way as they face the biggest incidents of the story. The incidents [in this drama] are endless and complex, so please look forward to ‘Payback’, which will impress on the small screen with its solid storytelling and deadly atmosphere.”

“Payback” premieres on January 6, 2023 at 10:00 p.m. KST. Check out the new teaser below!

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