The upcoming SBS drama starring Shin Ye Eun and Ryeo Woon has revealed a special first teaser!

“Flower Scholars’ Love Story” (literal title) is a mystery romantic drama that tells the story of four young people including Yoon Dan Oh, the owner of the stereotype-free Yihwawon guesthouse, and three boarding students – known as the flower. scholars – who keep secrets.

Shin Ye Eun plays the confident Yoon Dan Oh, an innkeeper in Yihwawon who rents out rooms to scholars from various places, while Ryeo Woon plays Kang San, a scholar in martial arts training who has a kind heart behind his cool and charismatic appearance. Kang Hoon and Jung Gun Joo will play the other two scholars Kim Si Yeol and Jung Yoo Ha.

Both Shin Ye Eun and Ryeo Woon recently attended the 2022 SBS Drama Awards, where a special trailer for “Flower Scholars’ Love Story” premiered. The trailer captures Yoon Dan Oh’s recruitment of frontiersmen as well as the funny reshuffling between the three flower scholars. The four characters get off to an interesting start when one of the scholars asks, “How long are you staying in Yihwawon?” Another replies, “Sounds like you’re asking me to leave quickly.”

Later, Yoon Dan Oh remembers the past and thinks, “I wonder if that kid is doing well.” She remembers her younger self meeting a new friend and asking them, “Who are you?” The boy replies, “I’ll tell you the next time I see you.” However, there is no next time, as a tragic and mysterious situation forces the child away.

As the scholars spend more time in Yihwawon, their relationship with Yoon Dan Oh begins to grow stronger. One of them shares with Yoon Dan Oh, “A lot has changed since I came to Yihwawon.” Yoon Dan Oh asks, “What has changed so much?” They admit, “I. My heart.”

Check out the full teaser below!

The producers of the drama commented, “’Flower Scholars’ Love Story’ is a new and fresh historical youth drama of the new era that will melt the hearts of the viewers, as well as a real eye-opening drama with many plot points that will make the hearts of the viewers flutter. . In March 2023, please anticipate and take great interest in the story unfolding of Yihwawon’s owner and Joseon’s F3.”

“Flower Scholars’ Love Story” will premiere this March!

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