JTBC’s ‘Agency‘ Shows Lee Bo Young’s Obsession with Work and Success in New Trailer!

“The Agency” is a drama that depicts the battle between charmingly desperate advertisers through the story of Go Ah In (Lee Bo Young), the first ever female head of a VC Group, who aspires to the top position of the company.

The trailer begins with the anger of Kang Han Na (Son Naeun), the youngest daughter of the president of VC Group and the company’s social media manager. She realizes that she was deliberately placed in the middle of Go Ah In’s fight against Choi Chang Soo (Jo Sung Ha), proving Go Ah In’s competitive nature and ability to do absolutely anything to succeed, even if it means targeting someone as powerful as Kang. Han Na.

Choi Chang Soo has similar complaints about the arrangement, but Go Ah In casually scoffs, “Are you afraid? Now that you’re competing against me, you feel like you’re just going to fly away, don’t you?” He maintains his stance as Kang Han Na asks, “Is there something missing?” and Go Ah In replies, “Time. Can you leave without wasting my time? ” Even having the powerful Kang Han Na on her side wouldn’t be enough, so what’s Go Ah In’s strategy to make her an enemy?

However, Choi Chang Soo and Kang Han Na are not easily defeated. Choi Chang Soo confidently declares, “Go Ah In will fade away soon,” implying that she has a hidden card up her sleeve that will lead to her demise. The same goes for Kang Han Na, who uses her sixth sense to find out what kind of person Go Ah In is and turn their dynamic to her advantage.

Go Ah In the comments: “Save the dating jealousy and just count the gains and losses with me.” Kang Han Na then adds, “The winning side is our side.”

Check out the full teaser below!

The drama’s production team shared, “The competitive battle between Go Ah In and Choi Chang Soo, who dream of [being] at the top of the industry, becomes even more interesting after the introduction of Kang Han Na. That’s why you have to focus on the tangled relationship of these three. Specifically, Go Ah In and Kang Han Na walk a fine line between friends and enemies, so it will be fun to watch what kind of person they end up becoming for each other. Please look forward.”

“The Agency” premieres after “Reborn Rich” ends on January 7 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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