Stray Kids have shared a preview of what’s to come from them in the coming year!

At midnight KST on January 1st, Stray Kids unveiled the “STEP OUT 2023” teaser to look back on the year and show fans what to expect in 2023.

Narrated by Felix, he thanks the fans on behalf of the group for closing out the year with them. It touches on their many happy memories from 2022, including meeting fans, two comebacks, a world tour and more. After promising to keep trying new and amazing things, Felix introduces the next steps of Stray Kids, which include the release of two albums, fan meetings, collaborations, a special concert, the group music drama “SKZFLIX“, the song of the season 2023 and more. !

Watch the full 2023 video here!

What do you expect from Stray Kids in the new year?

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