Director Ryoo Seung Wan’s new movie starring Kim Hye Soo, Yum Jung Ah, Jo In Sung, and more has released bold new trailers!

Smugglers” is a new action crime film set in the 1970s in a small, quiet village by the sea. The film is directed by Ryoo Seung Wan, the director of the successful films “Escape from Mogadishu”, “Battleship Island”, “Veteran”, “The Berlin File”, “The Injustice” and others.

The newly released poster features eye-catching silhouettes of Kim Hye Soo and Yum Jung Ah, who play two women in the film who unexpectedly become involved in a high-stakes smuggling scheme. The movie will also star Jo In Sung, Park Jung Min, Go Min Si and Kim Jong Soo.

The poster is accompanied by a new trailer that teases the refreshing and exciting upcoming film. In keeping with the film’s summer release date, the “Smugglers” trailer goes back and forth between land and water. While Yum Jung Ah and Kim Hye Soo live their lives as busy deep-sea divers, they end up getting roped in with Jo In Sung, Park Jung Min and others in a high-stakes smuggling operation.

Check out the messy trailer below!

“Smugglers” is currently in post-production and will hit theaters this summer.

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