tvN has released an action-packed new trailer for its upcoming drama “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise”!

Pandora: Under Paradise, written by “The Penthouse” writer Kim Soon Ok and helmed by “One the Woman” director Choi Young Hoon, will tell the revenge story of a woman who realizes her life isn’t perfect. As it seems.

Lee Ji Ah plays Hong Tae Ra, a woman who has lost her memories but otherwise seems to have it all, with a life that anyone would envy. When her rich and successful husband Pyo Jae Hyun (played by Lee Sang Yoon) decides to run for president, Hong Tae Ra also finds herself in the spotlight. However, as her memories begin to return, Hong Tae Ra realizes that her seemingly perfect life is actually a fabrication orchestrated by someone else as part of an unfathomable grand plan.

The newly released trailer opens with Pyo Jae Hyun, the chairman of an IT company, expressing his political ambitions by asking, “What do you think it would be like if I entered the presidential race?” But someone condescendingly asks him in a voiceover, “Do you even think can you fight?”

As it turns out, the confident and charming Pyo Jae Hyun faces more than one obstacle as he pursues his lofty presidential goal. When his wife, Hong Tae Ra, suddenly has memories of her hidden past, he realizes that his campaign is in jeopardy – and desperately urges someone, “Leave my husband alone. He doesn’t know about me.”

Amidst flashbacks of a shocking car accident, the person who has been secretly pulling the strings of Hong Tae Rao’s life menacingly declares, “They need to get rid of them.”

Determined to protect her husband at all costs, Hong Tae Ra finds herself in one vicious fight after another as she warns, “If you don’t want to die by my hands, don’t touch him.”

Check out the new teaser below!

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise” will premiere on March 11 at 9:10 p.m. KST. Watch another teaser here!

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