With just a week left until the premiere of “Agency,” JTBC has revealed the preview for episode 1!

Set in the fiercely competitive world of one of Korea’s leading advertising agencies, JTBC’s “Agency” is a new drama starring Lee Bo Young as Go Ah In, the first ever female head of a VC Group.

The main trailer opens with a bold and confident proposal from Go Ah In, signaling the start of a war at her workplace. During a meeting with all her fellow executives, Go Ah In states, “I will write my resignation. I’m betting on a 50 percent increase in sales within six months, and if I don’t get those results, I’ll take responsibility and leave the company.” Immediately afterward, he begins preparing a life presentation that will decide whether he stays or leaves.

Go Ah In is then confronted by General Manager Choi Chang Soo (Jo Sung Ha), who shakes his hand and snidely remarks, “Enjoy it now.” The hidden aspect of Go Ah In‘s promotion is a one-year mission to create justification for the appointment of VC Group’s youngest daughter Kang Han Na (Son Naeun) as CEO. Despite this, Go Ah In doesn’t hold a grudge against Kang Han Na and instead tries to use it to her advantage.

Believing he has won their workplace war, Choi Chang Soo proposes a celebratory toast while Go Ah In plans her counterattack. He says, “Wait. I will blow wind and rain into your advanced mentality,” she emphasized her tough mindset to stand against all odds.

Check out the trailer below!

The producers of “Agency” shared, “Go Ah In has the confidence to achieve greater success with only her abilities and the strong mentality to overcome danger without wasting a single piece of clothing. This becomes the basis of her success story. The broadcast coming in a week will capture Go Ah In’s endless charm beyond your imagination. Please look forward.”

JTBC’s “Agency” premieres on January 7 at 10:30 p.m. KST. You can find another teaser here!

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