Payback” Revealed An Exciting New Teaser!

SBS’s “Payback” tells the revenge story of those who risk everything to fight against a money cartel that has colluded with the law. The drama will offer viewers both excitement and catharsis through the portrayal of those who refuse to remain silent as they fight in their own way against incompetent and unjust authority. Lee Sun Gyun stars as reclusive money merchant Eun Yong and Moon Chae Won stars as Army Major Park Joon Kyung, an elite court official.

The new trailer begins with a blast into the past as young and troubled Eun Yong is released from a juvenile detention facility. Left to his own devices after the death of his parents, Eun Yong struggles to eat and find a place to sleep every night. Shortly after being released, she meets Park Joon Kyung on a train as the two fight a group of delinquents, which lands them in prison. When Park Joon Kyung’s mother Yoon Hye Rin (Kim Mi Sook) appears, she looks at Eun Yong and asks, “Is this the child who fought on my Joon Kyung’s side?” When he confirms this, she replies, “I will be investigated as his guardian,” and accepts him.

Confused about needing help for the first time in his life, Eun Yong comes clean to Yoon Hye Rin and explains that he is an ex-convict who was just released from a juvenile detention facility. However, Yoon Hye Rin doesn’t bother as she replies warmly, “You’re on our side,” and offers him a room for the night and a job at her company.

Eun Yong and Park Joon Kyung ended up being raised as siblings, as Eun Yong recalls, “She was the first adult to treat me like a human being. For me, living in a jungle-like world, the only clear sky was.”

However, the unexpected begins to happen when Yoon Hye Rin takes her own life while Eun Yong is out of the country. While Eun Yong tries to figure out how this could have happened, viewers are introduced to the interesting characters of Chairman Myung In Joo (Kim Hong Pa), a key player in the corporate bond market, as well as Hwang Gi Seok (Park Hoon). , Myung In Jo’s son-in-law and chief prosecutor at the Special Branch of the Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office.

The case eventually becomes lead prosecutor Jang Tae Choon (Kang You Seok), Eun Yong’s nephew who dreams of working in the Special Division, with Chairman Myung and Yoon Hye Rin. This puts him in close contact with Hwang Gi Seok, who cryptically advises Jang Tae Choon, “The Code of Laws is an ideal, but this is reality.” Park Joon Kyung firmly reminds Eun Yong that anyone on Hwang Gi Seok’s side is an enemy, even if it is his nephew, and he adds, “Regardless of the sacrifice, I will see this fight to the end.”

Eun Yong tells Jang Tae Choon, “I know Chairman Myung better than anyone. Regardless, I will see to it that you handcuff Chairman Myung personally. Instead, no matter what Hwang Gi Seok suggests, don’t make any deal.”

Eun Yong also reassures Park Joon Kyung saying, “This is not a fight about you.” Just as their mother had told him, he then calmly told her, “You and I are on the same page.” She warns him, “You could lose everything you have.”

When things start to go wrong, Eun Yong must pull her last card. He shares, “I am a businessman. I’ll buy the entire South Korean prosecution with money, not the law.” Just to be sure, he adds, “I’ll throw you to the bottom of the gutter.”

Check out the full teaser below!

The producers of “Payback” commented: “With characters involved in a mysterious murder case at its core, we tried to capture a refreshing story and atmosphere that is unique to our project. We will immediately captivate the audience, who have been impatiently waiting for the birth of a new thriller.”

SBS’s “Payback” premieres on January 6 at 10:00 p.m. KST!

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