The 2000 remake of ‘Ditto’ has revealed the main poster!

“Ditto” is a story of love and friendship between two college students from different time periods who coincidentally start a conversation through walkie-talkies. Yeo Jin Goo will play Yong, a college senior living in 1999, while Cho Yi Hyun will play Moo Nee, a college sophomore living in 2022. Kim Hye Yoon, Na In Woo, and Bae In Hyuk will make up the rest of the millennial cast and Gen Z-ers coming together in this story of timeless love.

Even though the times they live in are different, the heart-wrenching feelings of first love portrayed through the four characters in the same place grabs the audience’s attention and heightens the anticipation of their romance unfolding in their respective eras.

In particular, Yong, Han Sol (Kim Hye Yoon), Moo Nee, and Young Ji (Na In Woo) look at each other with friendly glances, expressing universal emotions that make viewers’ hearts flutter. Plus, the lyrics that read, “We’re all in love,” herald the birth of another great romantic movie for young adults.

“Ditto” is scheduled to premiere on November 16.


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